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May 28, 2012 7:00pm PDT
spent memorial day remembering loved ones lost. >> richard james sr. united states army. >> it was the remembrance of relatives, friends, and comrades that we shared with and they're not here to enjoy. >> they remembered their son 19- year-old joshua corral who was killed last november. >> and our lives, each one of us were doing things to try to remember and honor him. >> reporter: many people said that they're not only honoring the dead today but also thinking of those still serving on this memorial day. live in lafay yes -- lafayette ktvu channel 2 news. >> people also came together for a memorial day tradition, the annual parade took over the downtown area this morning. handful of veterans walked along the roof and people shed their support with cheers that american flag. organizers say money raised will go to the new valley volunteer firefighters association. >> with liberty and justice for all. >> at the san francisco national cemetery, estimated 2500 people attended the largest memorial day evened. vietnam veteran suzanne was there along with his four children and
May 3, 2012 7:00pm PDT
.s. forrest fire. al queda magazine has called for western muslims to engage in attacks against the united states including setting forrest fires. it gives details instructions on how to build a bomb in the forrest and it suggests montana as a target. >>> the coverage is getting a first look at documents during the raid of osama bin laden during the compound in pakistan, some of the papers online were posted. bin laden wanted to launch more attacks on the u.s. but he was struggling with al queda's finances. one letter bin laden's al queda assassinate president obama and he said vice president joe biden became president, it would send the u.s. into a crisis. >>> unusual stand out is playing out suburban california neighborhood, that's where a mother bear and two cubs is taking up residents in a tree and sheriff's deputies say they're showing no signs of leaving. the tree was first spotted about 7:30 this morning. he kwonned off the street and waited it out until the bears decided to leave on their own. >>> new game plan is in place from moving to the south bay, consumer editor explains how
May 23, 2012 7:00pm PDT
day securing the area. >> obviously, hosting the president of the united states and responsible for his safe city ty so it's not only a great privilege it's also an honor. there has been a lot of preplanning that has gone into this event. >> a few restaurants near there were forced to close early. redwood city police hope social networks will help keep people up to date of the event. the police chief says it has a social media team that can can get the word out on twitter or facebook. go to for updates. we'll have more coverage for you tonight at 10:00 news. >>> republican majority leader is also in the bay area tonight. he is attending not far from the president. he is at a fund raising at at home of a billionaire. sticks for this event run from a thousands that are to more than $35,000. >>> the daughter of cuba's president received a standing vision at san francisco hospital. in cuba she is known for her vow scowl support of gay rights. she's in san francisco for a trance pose yum on transgender health. she says everybody has a responsibility share a message of unity
May 25, 2012 7:00pm PDT
skyscraper in the western united states. >>> if you think those are the only road closures this weekend, boy, think again. ahead in 11 minutes a live update on the weekend-long bridge closure getting started hours from nowism the festivities -- from now. >>> the festivities have already begun for the anniversary of the span [ band playing ] >> there was music and fan fare this morning as the officials opened a new visitor's center. they compared building the bridge in the depression to the current battle over high speed rail. >> don't shrink because you have a few little budget cuts or a few little taxes, you know, suck it in. [ laughter ] we got to build, we got to do it right, and this bridge, i think, it really expresses that sense. >> on sunday, a day-long party winds up with the fireworks show on the bridge. the span is going to be chosed for one hour sunday night starting at 9:00. the officials are urging people, who want to take part in the celebration, to walk, bike, or take mass transit. at we posted a special golden gate bridge for you. photos of the bridge over the years
May 9, 2012 7:00pm PDT
of the united states is the main educator of the voters today. he is saying that he is for unnatural same-sex marriage. >> some people disagree with the statement and feel it is not about politics but doing what is right. >> his message is the most powerful message anyone can deliver that is not a political issue. it is a constitutional issue. it is about constitutional rights. people in either party can support that. >> i guess we will find out in november which way people decide if this is a good decision or bad decision by the president. >>> lieutenant governor gavin newsom says the change of heart of the president chose courage at the start of what is to be a bruising campaign. >> two weeks ago, if he told me he would do this to the -- before the election, i never would have imagined it. last week on meet the press, and the vice president came out, i thought he will not have a choice but to clarify his position. that did not mean i thought it would be this kind of clarity. >>> they also noted that the political situation has changed sense california issued licenses to same-sex c
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5